Connecting the Heart and Brain

The Heart and Brain Connection through HeartMath

Connecting the heart and brain using HeartMath at Solutions For Life Naturally in Charlotte NC

Of course the heart and brain are connected - aren't they? It seems obvious that everything in our bodies are connected and if by no other way than connected to the brain. Although this seems like it is obvious the connections between the heart and brain are not as straight forward as nerves and blood vessels. Another type of connection exists that is not that commonly understood by conventional medicine. Doc Childre the founder of the nonprofit HeartMath Institute, believes strengthening the connection between the heart and mind "...empowers people to greatly reduce stress, increase resilience and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making better choices."

At solutions for Life Naturally Dr. Melonni Dooley, ND is certified as a HeartMath Interventions Clinician and uses the emWave Pro program to take a baseline reading of the heart rhythm then analyzes the results to recommend improvements to the heart brain connection.

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